Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Furniture makeover made easy!

This is what we started with!
Here is an amazing makeover on an old table, using just a few products, all of which are available at Valley Paint:  http://valleypaint.ca/index.html 
This is one of those jobs you can do in a spare couple of hours, and have a very rewarding result! So don't kick that old piece of furniture to the curb...you can bring it back to life and make it look beautiful again with just a few easy steps.

We used Old Master's Furniture Refinisher, which is a fast acting liquid finish remover. It dissolves varnish, lacquer and Shellac. Find out more about using this product here  
Make sure you use gloves during application as this is a strong chemical containing Methylene Chloride. Use a mask and work in a well ventilated area.  Basic latex gloves are fine.
The steel wool should be extra fine so as not to scratch the wood; the idea is to lift the old finish off
We poured the liquid refinisher into an old yogurt tub to make it easy to dip the steel wool in.
The dark liquid is the old dissolved finish.
You should end up with something that looks like the above.
Now you can apply your chosen finish. We decided to use Tung Oil, which you can find out more about here to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

This mirror like shine was achieved with 4-5 coats of Tung oil with sanding between each coat.
And there you have it! An afternoon's work and a whole new table!
Drop by or call us at the store if you need any advice on your own furniture makeover, we're always happy to help!
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